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(Ok, the jam is over, so now let's be honest. This is a bad game, and I'm not gonna make it better. Don't play it.)

Shiva is trying to destroy the bad stuff to transform it into good stuff, but he's a bit out of whack today. Vishnu has to protect the good stuff while allowing Shiva to destroy the bad stuff.


Use the left and right arrows, or A and D (or Q and D, or A and O, or I and A, or whatever works in your keyboard, because SCANCODES!) to move Vishnu around. Press Ctrl to create a shield that will block Shiva's arrows.

Vishnu is a pair of blue dots in the bottom of the screen, and Shiva is a blue dot in the top that shoots pink arrows.

In front of Vishnu, there is a row of green dots representing good things. But they automatically transform into bad brown things after a while. You have to allow Shiva to shoot the bad brown things to turn them into good green things again. But if Shiva accidentally shoots a good green thing, it is destroyed forever! Good green things will make your score go up, while bad brown things will make it go down.

Vishnu can place golden shields in front of green and brown dots. A single shield occupies two dots. You can't place a shield on top of another shield, and you need at least 2 power to place one (your power meter is shown by smaller yellow dots on top of the screen). A shield will wear out with time. The more power you have when you create a shield, the longer it'll last. With time, you will regain spent power too.

Despite your efforts, all things get destroyed eventually, and that's when the game ends. Try to keep things as green as possible for as long as possible for a high score!


I apologize if someone feels insulted by my shallow knowledge of hinduism and/or deliberate distortions and/or crappy game.

This is my first jam game! And my first published game! But I'm not too happy about the results. I feel this idea could be a good game, but I'm not sure it can be found in that lovecraftian code.

I had been wondering whether it's possible to make a great game for the Meggy Jr. RGB, so I tried something in that vein. I guess I'll keep on wondering. And I'm not sure if Meggy Jr. can really make those colors...

Install instructions

This games requires the LÖVE engine (0.10.0). Go to love2d.org to get it.


Vishnu 0.1.love 3 kB

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